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For those who "don't know anything about cars"

We constantly hear the phrase "I don't know anything about cars" from our clients, customers and friends.  Guess what?  Most people are in the same boat. 

A new vehicle rolling off the production line today can have 25 or more modules (computers) that control every function in the car.  With the advent of fuel injection, "drive by wire" and CANbus systems your car works nothing like a car produced 30 years ago.  When you push the gas pedal there is no mechanical link between the pedal and the engine, it's all sensors, wires and computers.  There are no more relays and switches, the turn signal stalk sends a signal to the computer to turn on the turn signal.

What this means is that most people have a vague notion at best of the inner workings of their own vehicle.  Unless you are in the automotive profession and have kept up with the changes in vehicles there is no reason for you to know exactly what's going on under the hood.

Should this worry you?  Not if you're bringing your vehicle to Muskegon Brake & Tire.  Our mission is to help you understand your vehicle and help you make the best choice when it comes to your vehicle repair and maintenance.  We've put in the time and effort to understand the vehicles so that we can distill that information into something that is useful to our customers.  You probably don't need to know the reference voltage or resistance for a specific sensor, but you need to know that it isn't working as it should.  You probably don't need to know the specific measurements of the rotor thickness, but we'll tell you when they are safe to refinish and when to put on new ones.

So for those who "don't know anything about cars," you are in good company.  At Muskegon Brake & Tire we know about cars and we will help you understand yours.

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