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Cold weather and your car

Here in Michigan we get to experience all four seasons, which can be magical.  Our cars experience those same four seasons!  The weather is finally turning colder and that can bring to light some vehicle issues that the warm weather masks.

The first issue that usually shows up in winter is the weak battery.  As the temperature drops you may notice that your car takes longer to start or takes multiple tries.  The slow starter usually usually indicates a weak battery that could leave you stranded, especially after short trips.

A new battery can save you a call to the tow company for a jump-start.  Once a battery gets to this point charging it will not be enough to cause it to perform as needed in cold weather.  Muskegon Brake & Tire offers Interstate batteries with an industry leading warranty so that you have peace-of-mind.

The second issue that may rear it's head is tires.  Once you get your car started you may find that you don't have the traction that you would like as you head down the road.  Tires worn to 4/32" tread depth and beyond have little to no traction in snowy conditions.  Older tires become hard and slick as the rubber ages.  Low tread and slick tires leads to "exciting" driving conditions.

A new set of tires in the late fall or early winter will reduce your driving stress.  Muskegon Brake & Tire offers name-brand all-season and snow tires with free lifetime rotation/balance and flat repair, as well as off-season tire storage for our customers that run snow tires!

The third issue is drivers experience is visibility.  Now I like to get my money's worth out of wiper blades, but winter is no time to push the limits with visibility.  Glazed over headlights reduce visibility on dark morning and evening commutes.  

When you are in for service we can replace your streaky wiper blades and perform a headlight restoration service to improve visibility on the road.

Don't be caught out in the weather, come to see us to make sure that your car is ready for what's coming!

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