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The "dealership" doesn't love you


I just got off the phone with yet another customer that is tired of getting the run-around from "the dealership".  Which one?  Does it matter?  I field these calls regularly and I spend my time commiserating with customers that just want to be heard.  They want to know what the urgency of the recommended repair is.  They are tired of scare tactics and huge estimates that "HAVE TO BE DONE IMMEDIATELY" because the car is broken. 

Do I want to fix all the things that are wrong with your car?  Of course!  Am I going to try to scare you into a repair that doesn't need to be done today?  Of course NOT!  Why?  Because that's not how I like to be treated. 

*whew* Sometimes you just have to vent.  Why does this upset me so much?  Because every time a person comes out of an experience like this their impression of the auto repair industry as a whole suffers.  It makes my job harder because when I recommend a repair to this abused customer they are suspicious because they've been burned before.

Stop volunteering for abuse at a service facility that has proven that they don't deserve trust.  Visit a reputable independent shop that sees you as a fellow human being.  It might not be my shop, but that's okay.  If you are not in my service area I would be happy to help you with the legwork on finding the right shop for you.


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